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Friday, April 8, 2011


For some reason today I am reminded of an old joke….

Everyday while going to work a man would pray, lord let me just win the lottery

Everyday he said his prayer to the lord, let me please just win the lottery

Finally on his deathbed with his last breath he asked lord why didn’t you let me win the lottery??

Just then a big booming voice came down from the heavens and said…..

Why didn’t you buy a ticket?????

These days I’m not taking any chances, I’m buying my tickets and contacting people and getting things back to normal or at least normal for your pornman. I’ve always played it safe when it came to my business and my personal life, never letting the two meet. After the last year and seeing how secrets and lying to people went, I’m coming back hard (Pun intended!!). It’s amazing how losing your life and having all your possessions stolen can change your attitude!!

Piece by piece, little by little, I’m back. I’m not going to be at any forums or events until Vegas in January, I need time to rebuild and get the porn back to the level I want. No more rushing and making bad porn, I know porn is good, but some of the sites I’ve seen and some of the stuff I’ve done is bad!

So with that said lets look at the future, and coming soon, plus I’m working on doing podcasts so my voice will be heard. And look out for my photograpy site being rebuilt and shooting soon!!

It’s a lot but right now I need to keep busy and stay happy, so brew the coffee and lets get this porn back to the levels we all like!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy St. Patty’s Day

Well your Pornman celebrated a sober St Patty’s day last night. Which was fun watching everyone else making a fool of themselves!! Then I remembered at one time that was me! But I survived going out with a good friend and enjoying the Irish music and night. Things have been busy around the office, and by office I mean anywhere I can set up my computer and get some work done. Right now I’m enjoying the view at Hooters in downtown and the great Wi-Fi connection I have! New sites and domains are a popping and the newest domain is this site is great, it has hidden video cameras in an Asian massage parlor and you get to see the “in and outs” of getting a hot Asian massage girl!!

This will be short and sweet today, enjoying the view and the great Arizona spring day, where the women wear less and less and it gets better everyday! Enjoy the porn and please keep checking back for more updates.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Just a quick posting for now. Been relaxing at the coffee shop and reviewing some new talent for a new site. Its been a good few weeks and I'm looking forward to getting back to Hollywood this month and do some shooting plus still need to get my tat finished! Been running so much lately that the tat was moved to the bottom of the list. Anywho going to find some dinner and just chill with the laptop tonight so I'll have a new blog later plus some new pics and videos for you happy campers!!
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

From Porn to the poorhouse and back again

Yup that’s the title of this entry, I did leave out detox but hey that’s all part of the story. I’m rebuilding everything and I am very thankful that I wasn’t mean or disrespectful to anyone during my drunken years, at least anyone that’s a friend or in the business. Things are cumming back together and I’m getting back a lot of the camera and computer gear that was stolen so life is good.

Received a call the other day from a friend I’ve known for over 25 years, (yes, I’m old!) and she needed advice about a relative that fell off of the wagon and what she should do. It’s funny that people are curious to see how I survived and got moving again so that can help others, but it’s a good kind of funny! So we talked for about 3 hours and in the end we both got some advice, but she was worried about me going back into this business and if it would affect me. The people I talk to and the people I want to work with are good ones, and I don’t feel that it would be much of a problem. Porn gets a bad reputation about drugs and alcohol but 90% is not like that, and today with the smaller studios its people just earning a living while having fun! I said this before and I’ll say it again, porn did not drive me to drink, the people outside the business and my own pride did that!

So as this year is a rebuilding one, I’m on e-bay and go daddy getting set up for a great run. I will be shooting with some old friends and making new ones as I travel. I’ll be laughing two websites this year and be back to the itspornman blog regularly!

Be sure to follow me on twitter and see what and where I am, but for now enjoy some clips and always remember the lotion.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Arizona Peeps

Ok, I've been out of the loop for about 15 months and really just want to meet and chat (coffee talk) with some of my AZ folks. I have been around way too many bad influences in the past that got me and my business off track and really just want to find some good people!

So if you're in the Phoenix area and want to grab coffee and share stories and just a lazy afternoon of people watching at the coffee shop shoot me an e-mail or DM me on twitter!


Friday, February 11, 2011

Just a night....

So it’s been a fun filled few days for me. Been looking around for some new video cameras, but I think I’m just going to hit E-Bay and buy what I need. Since I need about four of them all the same make and models, and something I can use for both my mainstream project as well as the new porn one. Sorry I haven’t been around much, both projects are taking a lot of time but I love having more to do then not having anything!!

Well today I am seven months sober, I know that in this business it’s funny to find someone who brags about being sober much less for seven months. It feels good that the money I was spending on booze is going back into the business and working to bring you better porn, it’s a win-win situation!! Plus I need to replace everything that was stolen while I was in detox, so that’s why things are taking a little longer but I thank everyone for sticking around!!

As for now here are some more movies and I hope you, as always, remember the lotion!!!